Virtual Event Platform


  • For the workshop the alfaview® video conference system is used as the virtual event platform.
  • To join the virtual event platform each participant must be registered for the event.
  • All registrated participants of STARDUST-R GLOBAL VIRTUAL WORKSHOP II will receive a participant guide via email which includes all relevant information on the virtual event platform. We recommend that you take a few minutes before the event to read through these instructions and familiarise yourself with the system

Accessing the virtual event platform

  • All participants will receive several days before the workshop a system-generated e-mail invitation to activate a personal user account for the virtual event platform.
  • Click the button “Activate user account” included therein or the specified link. Alternatively, copy the complete link into the address bar of your web browser. To finally activate your user account, create a password and confirm the use policy and privacy statement. Via this step, you reach the browser-based back end of alfaview®
  • Before first use, download the alfaview® client for your operating system from the website Install the app after download has been completed. The installation does not require administrator rights.
  • Official tutorials on

Technical requirements for participants

  • Internet connection
    • at least 15 Mbit download
    • at least 3.5 Mbit upload for video chats
  • Installation of the alfaview client application
  • Webcam and microphone (for participating in video chats)
  • Please use the latest version of one of the browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge. Please do not use Internet Explorer!
  • Please note: We have no influence on firewalls and company restrictions

General information on the video conferencing platform alfaview

  • DLR’s contractual partner alfaview provides the video conferencing tool alfaview as a managed platform.
  • Alfaview is a video conferencing platform through which people in virtual rooms can communicate live via video and audio, which is easy to use and at the same time meets the highest data security requirements.
  • The virtual platform guarantees high quality in audio and video and very high stability even with low bandwidth
  • The alfaview company is based in Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • All delivering servers are located in Germany in exclusively ISO 27001-certified data centres and meet the applicable security standards. The Alfaview video conferencing platform is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant
  • The Berlin Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit
    (Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information) certifies that alfaview® is one hundred percent GDPR -compliant. The audit distinguishes alfaview® as one of the few providers with the maximum of four green traffic lights. On both the legal and technical level, alfaview® scores with consistently green traffic lights.
  • Audio and video streams are not stored or shared
  • All data is encrypted according to current standards (TLS/AES256)
  • alfaview sans fatigue – user-friendly, intuitive to operate and fatigue-free