The second Global Virtual Workshop (GVW-II) of the Stardust-R network will be organised by German Aerospace Center (DLR), German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and the University of Strathclyde. This workshop will be the second international event of the Stardust-R network and the technical programme will cover theme of “Space Traffic Management and the Resilient Space Environment”.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss the latest findings in the area of “Space Traffic Management and the Resilient Space Environment” with international experts in the field. Contributions are highly appreciated! The format of the workshop is planned as a single track conference with several sessions on the various topics of the workshop. The workshop program includes keynote speeches and special sessions with contributions from the Stardust-R network participants. It is planned to hold the event on a virtual conference platform, which, in addition to the lectures, will offer various opportunities for exchange among the participants. The conference will take place during office hours in Central European summer time. The language of the event is English. 

The programme will include presentations of external speakers, presentations of Early Stage Researchers involved in the Stardust-R project on their studies within Project Working Groups and the Stardust Challenge that will be announced later in 2021. During two months of the challenge prior to the GVW-II, participating teams of young scientists and PhD students will work on developing either a debris removal or an asteroid manipulation mission concept. The two best mission concepts per category will be invited to attend the GVW-II, where the winner of the challenge will be announced.

Stardust-R Andrea Milani Challenge (special session)

The European Innovative Training Network Stardust-Reloaded has the pleasure to announce the launch of the “Andrea Milani” Challenge, in honour of the great Italian mathematician and astronomer Prof Andrea Milani who passed away suddenly in 2018. He was an early pioneer in asteroid impact monitoring, and a stalwart in the field of celestial mechanics. He was involved in several ESA missions including BepiColombo and JUICE, and with the creation of SpaceDys and the near Earth asteroid database NeoDys.

Stardust-Reloaded invites students from all around the world to compete in two challenges within the fields of asteroids and space debris monitoring and detection. These topics are part of a larger effort by Stardust-R, and others; critical for the long-term safety of our planet from space threats as well as the long term sustainability of the human presence into space.

The competition is open to teams composed of undergraduate, graduate or PhD students registered in any University degree programme worldwide. The competition is additionally open to all the Early Stage Researchers from the Stardust-R network.

Pre-registration open till 31.05.2021.
For pre-registration please visit: Stardust-R Andrea Milani Challenge.
Winners of the challenge will be presented on the GVW-II.

Further information